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Team Building 

Start a Conversation .... 


What are the greatest concerns of your team?

Is everyone happy?

What are the aspirations of your team?

Are there any secrets?

What needs to change in the work enviroment?

What is the direction for the coming year?

Team building exercises can be done in a very informal way with individual consultations followed by interactive group discussions. Studies show that companies who allow their employees to talk about how they feel at work can foster reconnection and increase productivity. 


Looking for something very different? Maybe you have a more progressive team that might like the 'Somnia' deck (see below) by  photographer Nicolas Bruno? This is one of the most expensive decks in the world and it is not available in Australia. The imagery is based on sleep paralysis and may just ignite some terrific conversations as there is also the option for people to chose the imagery that appeals to them. This allows the subconscious mind to speak through a free choice of cards steering well clear of any 'fortune telling' themes. Please enquire about this option.

With some of the team from 'Private Wealth Management' who enjoyed the Somnia deck in September 2023.
Corporate tarot reader in Melbourne.jpg
Tarot cards reader in Melbourne.jpg

TopHat tarot operates under the umbrella of Raconteur Productions T/A Magic Extraordinaire. We have over 20 years of corporate event experience and can build a tarot experience focusing on 'Team Building' to suit your purposes. You can also receive an invoice detailing such a program.  For more information and to discuss your needs and objectives please call Julia directly on 0408 586 505.

*All written team reports (if required) are a seperate addition, they are upon application, they are confidential and feedback from individuals remains strictly anonymous .

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