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 Hen's Parties

Or Bachelorette party!

Melbourne tarot reader hens party ideas.jpg
Hens party tarot reader Julia stands with the Henry holding a big red heart box

"Julia was amazing and gave us all so much to talk about. We loved having her and she was entertaining and very friendly - it was the highlight of my hen's party. I would absolutely recommend having Julia at your hen's party" ... Amy Bengal 

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Book a FUN and ENGAGING tarot reader (not a wallflower in the corner!)

More and more people are asking about a 'Bachelorette Party' as opposed to a Hens Party; what's the difference you may ask? Well nothing apparently as a Bachelorette party is a US/UK term, however I have a feeling that the phrase Bachelorette party is about to take over with parties becoming a more lavish (or wild!) affair...


Create memories to last a lifetime with the perfect day ; Boho parties are topped to be the number one theme for Summer 2023  ; and a tarot reader for a hens, or bachelorette party, can be the perfect compliment to the celebration. 

Hen's parties have evolved over the years to become much more of a wholistic experience with numerous options and more often than not, include the bride's mother and her future mother in law.


Hens parties can take place in a park, by the beach, in a bar, a restaurant, day spa or at home?

Tea and cake? Champagne and nibbles? Both? Colour themes? Dinner as well?!

So many questions and decisions to plan one of the best days of your (or your bestie's) life. Whatever you decide I will take the time to work with you to make sure that the day runs smoothly. Cultural sensitivity is also taken into account especially reading for the previous generation as certain cultures have different superstitions and beliefs that need to be carefully considered. My vast experience of over 20 years enables me to speak and relate to all people from all races and religions.

 Fun, fresh and joyful readings for all the women you love anywhere you choose. 


Bookings for hen's parties are two hours and can cover up to 20 girls. Generally a separate area is ideal but readings can also incorporate the whole group for a fun and interactive experience. All readings are positive and incorporate potential challenges, stories and legends from all cultures.

My style of tarot reading is also enjoyed by mothers and grandmothers.

How does a Hens party usually run? Are there any party games we can add?

Hens parties are always fun and lively and a favourite of mine!. Depending on where the event is held a quiet spot in the house/function room is set up and girls get readings of about 10 minutes each.  If you are in a park I can bring a picnic blanket and some cushions - easy! If you want to add something special (afterward the individual readings) group readings can be are done (time permitting) with a different deck. This is a lighter approach and a fun party game which always ends up with laughter as stories of the past are told as everyone interacts and learns how to read for each other.

girls sitting in a park for a hens party in Melbourne
Hens parties Melbourne.jpg
melbourne tarot card reader for hens parties
tarot reader in melbourne Julia stands between 2 men crouching at a Coachella themed party
Melbourne tarot reader hens party ideas.jpg
Melbourne Hens Party.JPG
Melbourne hens party tarot reader Julia sits beside the hen. "Bride to be" balloons adorn a dark blue wall behind
Top hat tarot reader Julia at a melbourne Hens Party in front of a wall of pink flowers
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