Corporate Events...

"We would just like to reach out and say how fantastic Julia was at our event on Friday night, our function would have been flat and boring without her there. She connected with everyone and had staff members wanting a second reading!

A big thank you to Julia for her wonderful readings and personality at our function"

Kylie Jones
EA to Managing Director, Australia

Corporate entertainer and tarot reader Julia at Flemington racecourse Melbourne Cup

*Look at this pink photo booth! Magic and tarot at Flemington 2019 - check out my blog!

When it has to be perfect ... 

Flawless, professional, light hearted and positive interactions focusing on entertainment.

Julia has read for major companies including Microsoft, BHP, Sony, Optus, Mercedes Benz, Telstra, Masterfoods, ANZ, Vodaphone, Myer, Cadbury, BMW and many more.


She has been engaged at numerous VIP events including The Astral Restaurant at the Star Casino, The Golden Slipper Ball, VIP race marquees at Flemington, Randwick and Rosehill Races, Icebergs Bondi and The Opera Bar Sydney.

Flawless, professional, light hearted and positive interactions focusing on entertainment

Readings can be focused on business decision making and used as a team building exercise 

Cultural sensitivity towards Asian and Middle Eastern clients 

Melbourne based

Available in Sydney upon consultation.

GST Registered Business.

Fully insured.

For further information please don't hesitate to contact Julia.

Themed event? Just ask. Julia works in events and has access to many costumes and theming choices and design, including Great Gatsby, Steampunk etc.

How does a corporate evening usually run?


There are a few options, you can opt for a small table and two chairs are set up in a quieter part of the venue;  guests will be immediately interested and often an informal waiting list will be arranged. Readings will be about 5-10 minutes each. Or you have a "cocktail tarot" style of performance which is interactive by mingling with guests as a meet and greet/ice breaker. Both options are also available.

You can try a different approach and use the 'Group Tarot Table' first introduced by GHD at the Sydney Convention Centre for their VIP room. Clients sat down with champagne and canapes and 'played tarot'; a fun, informal and interactive approach this is a great way for networking and to 'break the ice'.

This experience can be valuable for friendship and team building that even 'blokes' will enjoy. It engages a group dynamic and connects people as a powerful, incredible and joyous experience.

‘Thank-you for showing me tarot could be so much fun‘ BHP senior executive 

FAQ's for corporate events

I have CEO's as well as a lot of male clients, will they enjoy a tarot experience?

Yes. The performance will be more humourous, social and light hearted to cater for this sort clientele.

Can Julia dress up as a Gypsy?

Not really, this type of look for a tarot reader is a bit dated and can hinder the confidence that the client and guests need to have in the tarot reader. Unfortunately, there are many tarot readers who adopt this attire as part of an alternative lifestyle choice and it is quite often not conducive to a professional experience. You may request a cocktail dress, a Gatsby look, Steampunk/Ballroom gown or corporate attire.

Tarot card reader Julia with socialite columnist sam brett at private party
Melbourne Tarot reader Julia with Olympic gold Medallist Natalie Cook
glamour shot of Melbourne corporate entertainer and tarot card reader Julia of Top Hat Tarot
Melbourne top hat tarot reader at corporate fuction
Melbourne corporate tarot reader with Actress Essie Davis
gatsby girl themed tarot reader