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Boho in full swing for Melbourne events ..

What is it about the allure of a time long gone in which we or our parents were young? Yes I'm talking about the 1970's and maybe even the late 60's which has influenced a whole generation of Instagrammers and now upcoming event planners. Of course we tend to see things through rose coloured glasses and todays Boho themes embrace an utopian ideal of sustainability (think native flowers and paper straws) and organic produce. I assure you though, that back in the 1970's parties were filled with hot chips, green jellies, party pies and Claret (who's even heard of Claret?) Unless you were a hippy in which a mung bean lentil salad and jug of water was more the "de rigeur" for a party. Fortunately now we have embraced both worlds and come up with the Boho theme which is a hybrid of the yesteryear themes and it is my favourite theme of all! And so comes the popularity of the tarot reader at the Boho party and, just like the food and wine, it has evolved to be much more of a modern day concept of entertainment. So grab your picnic blankets, flowers and organic sandwiches and wines and create your own Boho hens party or why not indulge and book a specialist so all you have to do is turn up. This latest event was catered for by 'Platter Pantry' - check out their Instagram. Come on Melbourne - start up some warmer weather so we can all bring out out our kaftans, flowers and Champagne. I wonder though, and I could be the first person to ever think of this, what about the men? Boho parties for men? Don't laugh ...

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