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Times are changing

Recently just before I left for a corporate gig I had a feeling I should grab my new Somnia deck by Nicolas Bruno ... just in case. It's based on the medical condition of sleep paralysis in which the body wakes up but the mind is still asleep. A terrifying realm that seemingly exists between the two worlds that leaves you feeling like you are unable to move. Almost always it is accompanied by a feeling of another presence. When I received these cards as a gift I was slightly aghast as they are very dark and unsettling, still there is great beauty in some of these photographs and a feeling of familiarity and recognition. At this particular corporate gig there was someone a but reluctant to have a reading so I grabbed the Somnia deck and allowed the person to chose the image that appealed to them. This sparked some intense conversations and some thought provoking discussions about an array of topics. And so my team building page was created the next week- getting ready to explore the endless possibilities ... Are you game?

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