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Looking for hen's party ideas in Melbourne? A hens party package... or can you do it on your own?

It starts out as simple plan to help organise a classy hens night in Melbourne but after a few google searches of 'hens party ideas Melbourne' you are overwhelmed with options and themes and before you know it you've arrived at one of those 'easy' one stop shop hens party planners. Before too long the hens party is bigger than the actual wedding and you have an event planner to 'help' organise but the reality is that sometimes it is easier to do it on your own. I've lost count of how many hens parties I've been to where the host has relayed a long and complicated process of dealing with a company that plans every aspect of the hens celebration. Many of them have opted out after feeling that something that actually isn't that difficult has begun spiralling out of control especially cost wise (hint it's less expensive if you book the same things yourself). Organisation is the key, planning early and providing options is the best way to approach a hen's party as well as setting a realistic budget. A basic budget is a maximum of $150-200 pp as a commitment. Mid budget is around $200-350pp and high budget $350-500pp. There will always be those who chose to spend a bit more on a new outfit, a visit to the hairdresser, a couple of extra cocktails and so on but realistically it can get uncomfortable if everyone is expected to to pay for a makeup artist, hair dressing, new shoes, a themed outfit, brunch, nails, lunch, afternoon tea, cocktails, dinner, a show, an airbnb and so on. Options are the key! Give those who are not keen for everything for whatever reason a chance to opt out of certain things. For example those keen for a salon spa experience in the morning can do that before meeting the rest of the crew for lunch. Those keen for afternoon tea or other experience can choose to do that before everyone meets up for dinner. Perhaps some people might only meet up for dinner which is the main event and some will want to party until 5.00am (you know who you are!) whilst others might not. With plenty of mum and mother in laws attending hens parties these days as well as those pregnant or with young children this is an ideal plan - and this is why organising a hens celebration is often easier to do yourself. Airbnb tend to be very popular for this very reason as you can also cater for part of the event in house which will be a much ore budget friendly option. Also you don't have to plan every second of the day especially if there are less than 10 of you - Melbourne has plenty of bars that take last minute bookings and depending on the time it usually isn't a problem if you just rock up. And if you have an Airbnb you can always change your mind and, for example, have drinks in if the weather goes off or if you just want to enjoy the space. Being committed to a fully planned night out can in itself be daunting and not always practical. Lastly you know your 'hen' and her friends so plan an event to suit what she loves and will remember forever. Some of the best things don't cost anything at all - for my hens night they made me a scrap book in which all my friends wrote a page recounting a funny story we shared a long the way. There were photos from all stages of my life, some drawings, some poems and words of wisdom. What an incredible gift! This, like a tarot experience, is what is termed a 'heart felt' experience that resonates for years to come and I think it's important to include at least one experience like this as part of a hens party. Whatever you decide Tophat tarot will come to you and fit in with your plans and have all your guests on a high - just have a look at some of my reels on my website :) Looking for something a bit different? Try Melbourne Magician Richard Vegas . Richard and I have worked together many times before and can even offer a package deal. See you all soon and bring on Summer in Melbourne - lord knows we need it, Cheers Julia x

Melbourne tarot reader Julia standing at a hens party in Melbourne holding tarot cards

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